3 Steps to Create a Culture of Innovation

Yesterday I was part of a panel discussion on innovation and entrepreneurship at the opening of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) at the Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering. One of the first questions the moderator posed was "How does one create a culture of innovation and what role does leadership play?" To me … Continue reading 3 Steps to Create a Culture of Innovation

Discretion – a skill founders and CEOs need in spades

And if there are real issues at play that need to be brought up to your partners, it should not be done in a flippant comment or regrettable aside that can be misconstrued or worse. It can be presented with some distance and perspective that you'd have gained in discussing it with a non-stakeholder first. This alone is a good reason to seek out a mentor or advisor, but almost any friend, who's not involved in your business and has no axe to grind will do.

4 Degrees of Separation – The Indian Network

As with many profound discoveries it began innocuously enough. “I don’t believe that there are truly a billion Indians,” my friend Marcel has remarked more than once to me. Of course, when he first made this statement as a graduate student, maybe because it was after a late night party at Ms. Chan’s, I didn’t … Continue reading 4 Degrees of Separation – The Indian Network