About me

SRI_headshotK Srikrishna is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and former angel investor. Over the last 20 years, he’s been a C-level executive with a proven track record of cross-border company building, revenue generation, business development & product marketing.

He founded his first company Impulsesoft in 1999, which grew from a bootstrapped organization of two people to the global leader in Bluetooth wireless stereo music prior to being acquired by SiRF Technology of San Jose, CA. Subsequently, he was one of the founders of Zebu Communications, a gaming startup, and an active angel investor.

Previously, Srikrishna has served in a variety of marketing and management roles in technology firms in Silicon Valley and India. He has a Ph.D. and MS from University of California at Berkeley and a BTech from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. The culture of companies and the growth of entrepreneurial business are areas of specific interest to him. Srikrishna’s writing has appeared in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Mint, Hindu Business Line and YourStory.

Srikrishna’s current focus is on mentoring entrepreneurs and CEOs of companies seeking growth with an emphasis on marketing, leadership, and strategy. He’s on the board of advisors of several technology startups. As the father of two young women, he hopes to see more women in tech & entrepreneurship.

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