Romesh Wadhwani, founder and Chairman of the Symphony Technology group, shared five lessons about entrepreneurship that he’s garnered from his 40 years of being one at the recent TiECon 2014 Conference.

His five lessons were:

  1. Creativity Entrepreneurship is about creativity – whether in products, business models, companies. And entrepreneurs need to be creative, passionate and tenacious.
  2. Learning particularly from failures. As he puts it “inside every failure, there are the seeds of future success”
  3. Renewal Even when successful, its important to constant renew and reinvent, to grow and to succeed personally & professionally
  4. Building great companies – entrepreneurship is not (only) about exits. As he puts it “When you build great companies, great outcomes will happen.”
  5. Celebrating success particularly – can be done in a number of ways. Some focused on yourself – whether in things you acquire or do but a better way is to help others – impact the world positively, in whatever manner, big or small. Your legacy is the impact you have on others.

Enjoy the video Romesh’s speech begins at 17m50s !


5 Lessons from 40 Years of Entrepreneurship

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